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I’ve been using Provillus for about 6 months now and I thought I’d write up a little review of my experience so that people who are thinking about trying it will be able to make their decision more easily – because back when I first ordered I couldn’t find reviews from real people.

When I first made the decision to try Provillus I was quite weary and didn’t really believe anything on their website because it seems too good to be true almost. I’ve tried several other products in the past with no results at all, like special shampoo’s, liquids, procerin and other pills and didn’t see any change. The bad thing is that it takes so long before you can tell if the product is working or not, so it can take years to find something worth using – If you’re reading this review then you probably know what I mean.

The only thing that helped me decide to try Provillus was the 3 month money back guarantee. So I figured if I didn’t notice anything (which I thought would be the case) I’d just get my money back and move on the next thing. I ordered the 6 month system and it was pretty cheap compared to other things I’ve tried (see below photo). It arrived at my house after only 3 or 4 days if I recall correctly and I started on a regular routine, making sure I didn’t miss days which I know can screw things up.
Provillus before and after
Yes, that’s the advanced hair logo in the before photo (the photo was taken at their studio)… I had just completed the 6 month advanced hair program with no results and spent $4,000 on it. Now in just 6 months on Provillus you can hardly tell I have any hair missing unless you look really hard.

After a month it was hard to tell if anything had changed Read the rest of this article…


I started losing my hair in my mid twenties… probably around 24 if I remember correctly.

It didn’t happen quickly for me like it does for some. It was very gradual, which made it had to accept. You know when you see something happening really slowly over time, you don’t even notice it? It was like that.

By the time I was in my 30′s it was quite easily noticable. I had a full ball patch on my crown area, as well as a receding hairline… The typical male pattern baldness stuff.

Anyway, I went to see my doctor and he simply put me on Finastride, which you probably know as Propecia (that’s the brand that a company has made).

I definitely saw some results with it, but there were some pretty bad side effects that I don’t even like to write about. But depression was the main one – and after doing a bit of research, it seems like it’s pretty common with that drug.

So I knew I had to find something different, and preferably something natural.

I came across Provillus from a few users in some forums, and decided to send some of them a private message to see if they’d actually respond (check that the account wasn’t made by the Provillus company). They did end up replying and told me that I should try it since it’s been working for them. One guy even had the same story as me! (came from Propecia because of bad side effects).

I’ve been Provillus for my hair loss now for 7 months and I’m going to do some 1 year before and after photo’s at the end of a full 12 months.

I can already see new growth, especially on the crown area, but even in the front area where it was receding. They’re not just those fine fluffy hairs either, they’re thick, proper hairs.

This gives me hope that maybe I will see myself with a full head of hair once again!

If anyone out there knows of anything else I can take that will speed up the results, or give me better results, I’d love to know!

Jesus Assiff
Customer Service Manager


I’ve been using Provillus now for 6 months, just like Steve when he posted his big review (mine probably won’t be that well written though :P)

As a woman, losing hair is a bit different to men (which are obviously most of the ones who go bald). Women don’t go fully bald (in most cases), but the hair gets very thin. It’s also worse losing hair if you’re a woman because it only happens to a small percentage of women, so people seem to notice it more. It’s very embarrassing.

Anyway, I went to the doctor a few years ago when I started to notice my hair thinning out, and he just said it was from hormonal changes, and said that basically all I could do was try Rogaine for women. There’s not a whole lot out there for womens hair loss because it’s not nearly as common as men’s.

So I got the Rogaine and used it religously for a year, taking photo’s along the way every 3 months to see if there was any difference…

When I looked over the photo’s each 3 months, the only difference was that my hair was getting gradually thinner each time, so the Rogaine wasn’t working at all.

I spent countless hours at the computer researching what could be solution to my problem, and found Provillus for women. Wasn’t much information online about it, but ordered some because I saw a few really good reviews from other women…

I’ve been on it now for 6 months as I said and am starting to see some really good results. The first 2-3 weeks were pretty disappointing. My scalp was itchy and flaking and I considered stopping treatment, but I read online that a few others had the same thing for a couple of weeks.

Anyway, my hair is growing back now, I’m seeing it in the photos I take, and I’m really happy and relieved that something is working.

If you’re a woman, then get this a try. It may not work for everyone, but it did for me, and maybe it will for you too.

Joanne Greggory
School Teacher
Essex, UK


My name’s Dave and I’ve been sufferring from male pattern baldness (MPB) for around 7 years. It first started when I was 21, and I guess mine is a pretty common story and I doubt I need to go into more detail.

I started on my search for a solution at around age 23, by which stage the hair loss was noticeable and I was losing confidence quickly. I tried a few things, including, minodoxill, revivogen and some hair laser therapy. All of which didn’t work for me, but I’m not saying that they’re a scam and don’t work for some people, just not me.

I don’t remember how I found Provillus, just a random Google search on “what is the best hair loss product” or something like that – you know how Googling is, you can never remember how you got where you are!

It sounded like another product with plenty of promises and not enough evidence, but I didn’t really care at this point. I just wanted to try everything so I could at least say that I gave it my best try!

Surprisingly, within a couple of months I could definitely see a difference. The hair on the back of my head which was thin an had no color (so you could easily see my scalp), had thickened up and was regaining full color. I immediately ordered some more (since I only got the 2 month pack). Since then, then hair on the back of my head has come back almost fully, so you can’t notice any MPB. My hairline at the front still has some way to go (since it receded a bit more that I would like!), but I am confident that it’s actually helping things there too.

So the question of ‘Does Provillus Work’, can simply be answered by “See for yourself”. It works for me, and it could work for you, but you definitely wont know unless you try it! Don’t listen to people online, because there’s always going to be some people who say “this doesn’t work”, since not everything works exactly the same for everyone.

Do yourself a favor and try it! If it doesn’t work, try something else!

I hope this little review has helped answer your questions about Provillus working :)

All the best,



I’m now 28, and have been struggling with hair loss since 22. It first started thinning slowly up until 24-25, and then from 25-27 the hair loss became more aggressive, and very noticeable.

Friends and family started commenting on it and I was losing my confidence because I always thought people were looking at my hair. I found myself trying to sit with my back to walls so that people couldn’t walk behind me and see my bald spot, and was constantly looking in the mirror trying to cover up the thin spots.

It became very upsetting and I prayed there would be something I could do.

I considered just shaving it all off, and going for the Bruce Willis look, but I don’t really have the right head shape for that. I looked into the cost of a hair transplant, but it is way too expensive, and people who have done it say that it is extremely painful!

So I searched for medical, and herbal solutions…

I started on Propecia, but after 4 months, there was hardly any results, and I read that it can cause problems when trying for kids. So it wasn’t worth the risk.

Then a friend of a friend told me about Provillus, saying that he’d had been in the exact same situation, and it had worked for him.

So that night, I made an order for the 6 month pack based on his recommendation Read the rest of this article…


As you know, Provillus is a powerful product that fights hair loss and helps to regrow hair. It is successfully used by thousands with results that surpass chemically based products.

Having bald spots and thinning hair is something that a large portion of men suffer at some point in their lives, and so do a smaller percentage of women. This often causes issues with confidence, motivation, and sometimes causes depression.

These day’s, appearance is so important in society, and having a full head of hair is almost like a fashion accessory! If you’ve got thin hair, it makes you look much older, and some would say less appealing to the opposite sex even. Read the rest of this article…


When I first started noticing that I was losing my hair at around the age of 21 or 22, I did a heap of research online and found some different products that I hoped would be able to help. The top two were Minodoxill topical serum, and Finasteride tablets (Propecia). So I went to the doctor and asked if I could go on Propecia and he said no because I was too young and he didn’t think it would work for me. So he told me to go across to the chemist and buy Minodoxill 5%, which I did.

I used the Minodoxill (Rogaine) for around 1 year, or maybe 18 months, with no real reasults, apart from it making my hair more frizzy in the area’s that it was applied, but I didn’t notice my hair loss stopping or even slowing. This was very disheartening, so I sought alternative means to get my hair back.

Here in Australia, there are plenty of ads on television and the radio promoting Advanced Hair Studios, with a very popular Australian cricketer (Shane Warne) who promotes it regularly, saying that he used them and it worked for him.

I figured Advanced Hair would be really expensive and out of my price range, but I believed that it did work. Eventually I had some money saved up and went in for a consultation.

Initial Consultation!

The salesman checked out my hair and Read the rest of this article…


I’ve been using Provillus now for around a year and I’ve had some pretty nice results. In this article I’d like to share my experience with Provillus and I’ll make a video in the next few days showing the actual evidence.

Before starting Provillus I’d tried probably close to a dozen other products for different time periods, but I generally gave each product at least 3 months, and usually 6 so I could scientifically say whether they were having any effect or not. Just to list a few products, I tried, Procerin, Nizoral Shampoo, Revivogen, Rogaine Liquid, Rogaine Foam, generic Minodoxill, etc. Read the rest of this article…


The experts say that the worst criticizing person of ours is we itself. Never mind how much perfect we are, we keep on finding flaws on ourselves. Hence the doctors conclude ‘us’ as the solution for most of our problems. Hair is one of the deep emotional problems that worry most of the people all over the world. It can also be defined as a universal problem that affects both men and women.

In earlier times, hair care treatments were restricted within our homes using simple home remedies and natural or herbal hair care products. But now days, wide range of options is available from which we need to find out the right place for hair concerns. Even though some of the treatments suggest seeking help from expert stylists, there are certain solutions which can be applied ourselves.

The first step towards your hair solution is to find a right place for hair concerns where you can get treatments as well as proper education on how to maintain your hair. However you may be aware of many home remedies and hair care readymade products, but it is better to seek proper study on your hair type and necessities.

Most of the trendy beauty parlors not only guide you on what style suits you, but also suggest you about best products and treatments that match your hair nature according to the problems you suffer. Hair problems may be due to side effect of any other medication or diseases also. Therefore, make sure that you treat upon the right reasons.

People usually ignore to approach the right place for hair concerns thinking of the expense. Most of the famous hair caring companies provide the facility of online consultation, that too at free of cost. Then what you are waiting for? Contact a hair expert and find the right solution.


Are you confused about where to buy provillus? Before suggesting you the right place from where you can buy the product at low cost, let me say something about the product. Provillus is a FDA approved hair fall solution that is effective in reducing hair fall and also preventing future hair thinning.

Whenever a product is launched in market, there will be some talks around it. Some people may oppose it and some others may promote it. It is very important to accept the fact and ignore the scam statements.
Be careful not to fall in any cheatings while purchasing the product. Some people may try to cheat you providing you with the duplicate of original package. In order to escape from these kinds of cheatings, it is very necessary to know about its original pricing and other brand details.

Answer to your question, where to buy provillus is at your finger tips. Majority people suggest online purchase as it is the only place where you can get exclusive offers and discounts. Also this is the best source if you are planning for a bulk purchase. The product send by the official website will be of high quality and also at affordable rate.

Another major advantage of buying online is that some of the online sellers offer a free trial or a money back guarantee of 6 months. This provides you with enough time to use and experience the benefits. This is the best way to know provillus at zero risk.

Online shopping avails you with a wide range of payment options like PayPal, net banking and credit cards. You can make your choice of your comfort. Door delivery and pay cash on delivery are also offered under certain terms and conditions.

I hope, where to buy provillus is not anymore a doubtful question for you.